We are planting Tree of Life with a simple goal in mind:

Connecting people to the life Jesus promised.

That can happen in a church that is more dedicated to relationship than religion. 

That’s who we are and we’d love for you to join us.

Come as you are. You belong.

Come explore the life that Jesus offers.

Meet Pastor Patrick
Susan Dominguez

Patrick and his wife Susan have been in ministry for over 35 years. They love God and they love people. They bring a vibrant and hopeful approach to  faith and seek to lead others to do the same. With a conviction that Jesus gives life and leadership where it is sorely needed, they offer clear teaching, practical programs, and warm hospitality to the communities they serve.

They enjoy walks, their grandsons, bike riding, nature, art, gardening, music, yellow labs, and golf. (Ok, just Patrick enjoys golf.)

Check out Patrick's inspiring and pastoral Artistic Meditations on God's Word on YouTube!